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Do you want to have a happy, healthy, and harmonious relationship?

Learn how to communicate better, resolve conflicts, and reignite the spark in your relationship.

Argue Less, Love More

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transform your relationship with me

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I am a relationship coach, a best-selling author, and a lover of life. I could brag about all the things that I have achieved and accomplished, but what I really want you to know about me is that I understand your struggles. I have been through the ups and downs of relationships, I have made mistakes, I have been wounded, and I have wounded others.

But I have also grown from my experiences, and I have found the secrets of making love work and keeping love alive. And now I want to share them with you. I want to help you transform your relationship and make it the best it can be. I want to help you communicate better, resolve conflicts, restore the spark, and create a whole new world of possibility for your love. 

My passion for LOVE fuels everything I do, whether it’s coaching, leading workshops, writing books, or making conscious content through social media.

My mission:

My Mission is to help couples in long term relationships and marriages to create lasting and fulfilling partnerships, through conscious communication, intentional acts of love, and being the best partner, lover, and relationship coach possible.

I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and that we all deserve to experience it fully and freely. I’m committed to helping others to join me on that mission, and live their best love now.


Learn The 3 Core Skills:


Reprogram it for success


Keep the intimacy alive


Cultivate the right feelings

What others are saying about My Work

Testimonials of clients that I personally coached either 1:1 or through my products

"Our relationship has never been better.."

“Paul gave us some simple tools to use the very first session and we noticed a difference right away. Our relationship has never been better, our only regret is we did not find him 25 years ago.”

Rick and Sandy - Phoenix AZ

"I came here in turmoil, disconnected and feeling hopeless. "

“Truly transformational – I came here in turmoil, disconnected and feeling hopeless. But through this workshop, I now feel more connected and appreciative of my beloved than ever. My inner peace and capacity for love or stronger than I imagined they could ever be. I am grateful.”

Jerome - Golden, Colorado

"Our relationship changed dramatically"

“We found your language and examples amazingly easy to grasp. And they were so immediately that the general "tone" of our relationship changed dramatically after only one session. We can't thank you enough!”

K.L - Denver, Colorado

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